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Fuzzbox Friday!

Fuzz pedals are unique stompbox exclusive to the guitar gear community.

Nothing sounds quite like a guitar fuzzbox. As far as a stombox goes, you can never get enough of them ¬†(if you’re a player that’s into them).

Here’s a cool, short history of the fuzz pedal

There are so many wonderful choices these days for a fuzz stombox in all price ranges that it’s hard to choose the one that’s right for your individual style.

From the classic Big Muff and Hendrix-inspired Fuzz Face, to boutique offerings like the Fulltone Soul Bender, fuzz pedals rock!

Below are a couple of mine I love and cherish (and sometimes fetish). What’s your favorite fuzz stompbox?

Nick Nitro SIB Fuzz Pedal
Peachfuzz fuzz pedal by franto