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Charlie Christian

The True History of Why We Play Guitar “Righty”

Why is it we learn guitar or play guitar “righty” when our left hand does most of the work?

It seems like it should be the opposite. What’s the logic in having the dominant hand tied to a pick ? It’s obviously an important job, but doesn’t require the same flexibility and prowess when we play guitar as the hand fretting the neck.

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tuner app

Why It’s So Important to Learn Guitar Tuning by Ear

For too many people who play guitar these days, guitar tuning mostly handled by a trusty tuner app, a tuning online site or an electronic tuner.

People often start using these tools from the moment they first begin to play guitar. Unfortunately, this deprives them of the opportunity to develop their ear along with their chops from the get-go.

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Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster

What Does Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, and Queen have in Common?

The Dallas Rangemaster Guitar Treble Booster!

This small grayish gear box pretty much defined British Rock and Roll of that era and was used by Eric Clapton during his stint with the Bluesbreakers. Later devotees of the Rangemaster included Rory Gallagagher, Toni Iommi, and most notably, Brian May of Queen. The Rangemaster wasn’t actually a stomp box at all, but was originally intended to sit on top of an amp and act as the amps front end. One knob handles loudness while a slide switch bypasses or engages the effect. What the Rangemaster does is add a bit of high-end punch and presence to your sound. With a healthy 10db of boost, this device has no problem pushing the front end of your amp with a sweet crunchy overdrive.

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