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Gotta have a pick when you play guitar

Guitar Picks: What You Need to Know

The kind of guitar picks you use has a lot of influence on how you play guitar

There are as many choices as there are, well… choices! If you play guitar without a pick, like with classical music, then then you have one less guitar-oriented decision to make. But for the rest of us who love and play guitar, choosing the right pick is as essential to our sound as the guitar we choose.

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tuner app

Why It’s So Important to Learn Guitar Tuning by Ear

For too many people who play guitar these days, guitar tuning mostly handled by a trusty tuner app, a tuning online site or an electronic tuner.

People often start using these tools from the moment they first begin to play guitar. Unfortunately, this deprives them of the opportunity to develop their ear along with their chops from the get-go.

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