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Fuzzbox Friday!

Fuzz pedals are unique stompbox exclusive to the guitar gear community.

Nothing sounds quite like a guitar fuzzbox. As far as a stombox goes, you can never get enough of them  (if you’re a player that’s into them).

Here’s a cool, short history of the fuzz pedal

There are so many wonderful choices these days for a fuzz stombox in all price ranges that it’s hard to choose the one that’s right for your individual style.

From the classic Big Muff and Hendrix-inspired Fuzz Face, to boutique offerings like the Fulltone Soul Bender, fuzz pedals rock!

Below are a couple of mine I love and cherish (and sometimes fetish). What’s your favorite fuzz stompbox?

Nick Nitro SIB Fuzz Pedal
Peachfuzz fuzz pedal by franto





Charlie Christian

The True History of Why We Play Guitar “Righty”

Why is it we learn guitar or play guitar “righty” when our left hand does most of the work?

It seems like it should be the opposite. What’s the logic in having the dominant hand tied to a pick ? It’s obviously an important job, but doesn’t require the same flexibility and prowess when we play guitar as the hand fretting the neck.

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